Truveris logo with a faded image of a pharmacist helping a customer in the background.


Truveris is a pharma-tech startup that builds B2B platforms to help employers secure the best pharmacy benefit managers. Truveris also provides services to help drug companies improve patient engagement, build patient CRM programs, and promote transparency for patients and physicians.

Design new print and digital marketing collateral based on a new brand identity redesign and established marketing department. Translate the brand identity to a variety of digital platforms and implement system feedback to older applications.

Apply the new brand identity and establish layout standards to unify the look and feel of print marketing. Design error and success states for web application screens to promote user understanding. Establish a standard responsive grid for a desktop-to-mobile experience.

Aligned marketing collateral with the new brand identity. An established marketing campaign, including email templates and environmental trade show graphics, with a consistent look and feel.

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Collage of GBTQ+ men and animals with The Guide logo in the center.
The Guide

A book about GBTQ+ bodies and self-expression. A socal media campaign for body liberation.

An antique pocket watch, tie tack and thimbal belonging to Brandon's grandparents.
The Tree That Shades Me

Collections of biographies about ancestors who survived Jim Crow to become successful entrepreneurs.

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