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Your Hearing Network

YHN is a national network of independent hearing care professionals. It provides a variety of resources and services that enable audiologists to run their practices efficiently.

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"How do we enable hearing health providers and practices to work more efficiently?"

After users didn't adopt the first portal that launched years prior, YHN set new goals to grow its network from 3,200 to 5,000 members and increase product sales. Centralizing disparate systems, reducing manual processes, and providing online tools would enable audiologists to self-manage and run efficient businesses.

Understanding the user’s needs began with stakeholder interviews, a card sorting exercise, and light user research to drive product requirements. It was necessary to scrap the original portal and validate the new approach with feedback and light usability testing for ensured success. I tested select wireframes with practice managers on a few basic tasks to ensure goals were achievable. As for design, I expanded the existing marketing site's digital style to include UI components appropriate for advanced user interactions. I integrated graphs and charts to visualize dry tabular data and incorporated self-guided tutorials, system feedback, and tooltips to help guide new users through the onboarding process.

During a post-launch beta release, 86% of users found the portal is easy to navigate, 89% of users found the portal’s information straightforward and easy to understand, and 78% of users found the user interface extremely pleasing to look at and use. The success rate was due to the portal’s clean design, help text, and simplified user interactions, ultimately reducing customer support calls. As of today, active users anxiously await new feature releases.

User profiles and jobs to be done.

I conducted a card sorting exercises with stakeholders to nail down navigation and other sessions to define page requirements.

Portal wireframes for the lead dashboard and call center service.
Screenshot of a benefit program's tabular data.
Screenshot of the leads dashboard with a piechart and data table.
Screenshot of the pre-enrollment state of a service.
Screenshot of a service report showing graphics and tabular data.
Search results page for managed care plans.
Screenshot of a table of the account's users.

Conference Video

Screenshot of a conference video.

As part of a conference campaign, I wrote a voiceover script and produced a teaser video. Watch now.

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