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World Courier

This trusted supply chain company designs and executes medical logistics processes for the worldwide biopharmaceutical industry.

UX Designer · Visual Designer
Wireframes · Design Comps

"How do we digitally transform our shipping logistics and ordering process for our customers?"

Increasing shipping volumes and new business opportunities required a technology upgrade that would streamline the global logistics process. My task was to redesign an outdated customer service platform full of arduous pain points of creating shipping labels and exporting reports. Among the more important priorities, the portal needed a navigation overhaul and assurance that its lifespan would drive user participation and reduce orders made via phone and email.

Solving the portal’s navigation issues required a new sitemap with a taxonomy aligned with industry standards and familiar to novice users. I integrated system feedback, transparent error reporting, and tooltips into the information architecture to guide users through tasks to prevent user abandonment. Part of ensuring the portal was intuitive involved simplifying complicated ordering flows into digestible steps. Introducing search, filter, and sort functionality to the tabular reports was necessary to improve their usability. Not to mention, the portal’s overall legibility, aesthetics, and mobile optimization was a priority.

The new, responsive interface shortened and uncomplicated the ordering process, supported mobile breakpoints and improved the portal’s reporting functionality. The digital style guide expanded to include a broader library of UI components appropriate for web applications.



The platform's wireframes.
Mobile and desktop screenshots of the platform's dashboard.
Full desktop screenshot of the platform's dashboard.
Mobile and desktop screenshots of the platform's order creation flow.
Full desktop screenshot of the platform's order creation screen.
Full desktop screenshot of the platform's shipment tracking screen.
Full desktop screenshot of the platform's preferences screen.

Incident Calculator

Incident calculator user flow diagram.
Incident calculator landing page.
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