Mobile and desktop screens in a laptop and phone.


A non-profit striving to bridge the gap between medical technology and artificial intelligence in order to advance the treatment and diagnosis of rare diseases.

ROLE Creative Strategist, UI/UX Designer
TEAM Digital Strategist, Front-end, Back-end, PM

Slow website performance. Sparse and translated content did not effectively target or communicate with users, especially of English-speaking nations. 29% of WCAG AA 2.0 criteria failed accessibility conformance, due in part to poor legibility and a lack of support for assistive technology. Low donation numbers due to the buried and confusing donation form.

Identify user personas to better target content. Introduce photography to evoke emotion, provide transparency, and build authenticity. Provide top-level access to the donation form and improve the user journey of making online payments internationally. Establish a digital style guide to meet WCAG AA 2.0 standards of conformance. Provide alternative text and labels for assistive technology and use design and content to improve content consumption for both disabled and abled users. Establish analytics tracking to collect user insights.

Pending accessibility retesting to measure accessibility compliance. Prominent access to the donation page on the website’s navigation. Stronger brand messages communicated through photography and more robust content that is now tailored for the needs of identified user personas. Established analytics tracking will inform future decisions.

Three user profile documents for patients, clinicians, and donors.
Samples of wireframed screens.
Samples of mobile designs.
Screenshot of the F29 homepage.
Screenshot of F29's "Our Foundation" page.
Screenshot of a product page.
The Manhattan Skyline showing the Empire State Building with the Manji Designs logo in the center.

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Collage of GBTQ+ men and animals with The Guide logo in the center.
The Guide

A book about GBTQ+ bodies and self-expression. A socal media campaign for body liberation.

An antique pocket watch, tie tack and thimbal belonging to Brandon's grandparents.
The Tree That Shades Me

Collections of biographies about ancestors who survived Jim Crow to become successful entrepreneurs.

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