Access Queens

Art Director (UI/UX), Front-End, Copywriter

Leads creative and content strategy. Designed brand identity, print and digital marketing. Created IA wireframes and wrote online content. Designed and coded a responsive website using Bootstrap, PHP, Javascript and jQuery. Implemented a CMS.

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Access Queens is a grassroots organization based in Queens, New York, striving to improve subway transit and enforce responsible residential development.


  • Identity cannot mimic the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA), but it should reflect the concept of city transit.
  • The 7 Train Blues campaign, which came before Access Queens, later needed to roll under the parent organization.
  • Content and site features should promote public engagement.

Digital Strategy

  • Leverage the website as resource for public action with tools, information, and downloable templates.
  • Native Mobile App (in progress): Currently designing an app that provides real-time user-generated service statuses about the 7 train.
  • Responsive: A good portion of traffic comes from social media, so the website had to be responsive and mobile-friendly.
  • File A Complaint (Mobile): Allows users to file a complaint with the MTA via Twitter with pre-written tweet templates or by calling 511.
  • Subway Survival Guides: Provides information on issues and alternate transit options about each station along the 7, N/W lines with tips and tricks curated from riders.

Creative Strategy

  • Subway tie-in: The "rail motif" is the gradiated horizontal line that crosses the letterforms. It represents the major subway lines that run through Queens.
  • Color: The four colors (yellow, blue, orange, purple) in the rail motif represent the major train lines in Queens (E, F/M, 7).
  • Analytics: Determined user traffic and justification for mobile-friendly tools stranded riders can use to easily file service complaints.


  • Facebook page gained 1,500+ followers.
  • New website attracted media attention from NBC New York and NY1; Pix 11 also showed the homepage on live TV.
  • Launched a responsive website with a mobile-friendly complaint-filing too allowing users to directly contact transit authorities through social media.
  • Access Queens established partnerships with city and state council members and senators.

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