Westerly Bulldog Wrestling Club

Art Director, Copywriter, Photographer

Refreshed visual identity and designed additional identity marks. Designed print marketing materials and posters. Wrote and edited copy, and photographed the cover image.

The Bulldog Wrestling program of the Westerly school system in Rhode Island trains the minds and bodies of young teenagers.


  • Low number of applicants and declining membership.
  • Low program profile among other athletic sports and low audience viewership.
  • Print marketing devoid of a consistent look and feel.

Creative Strategy

  • Refresh the supplied logo with an expanded identity using the school’s colors.
  • Photograph wrestlers to establish credibility and connect with teens.
  • Design print marketing for recruiting middle and high school students.
  • Create forms of interactivity in print materials for engagement.


  • Raised the wrestling program’s profile among other athletic programs.
  • 140+ new applicants (only 5 applicants the previous year).
  • Audience attendance increased by 2,500%.
  • Team morale was boosted, subsequently improving their athletic performance.

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