UI/UX Designer, Copy Writer (Compression Studios)

Cennarium is a Brazilian media company that streams documentaries, theater, operas and other content of the like. They are in the process of expanding to North America and launched an English language website currently under development. Designed responsive web pages and provided UX and copywriting expertise.


Team: CD (Compression Studios)


  • Improve an out-of-the-box Wordpress template with built-in functionality for UI controls.
  • Combine the UX and design processes to improve the site’s structure and flow.
  • Expand the Cennarium identity to accommodate a digital platform.
  • Parent company and development team is based outside of the U.S.
  • Provide copywriting where needed, especially for user feedback (alerts, error messages, etc.).

Creative Strategy

  • Use different background colors to visually separate sections of the website and establish a hierarchy of information with type.
  • Expand the brand color palette for use in user feedback and UI controls.
  • Use show/hide functionality to allow a customizable viewing experience.
  • Reorganize content to improve user flows and foster an intuitive content-searching experience.
  • Leverage pictorial content by with image carousels used at larger scales and more frequently throughout.


  • Established intuitive user interaction with UI controls.
  • Established logical page flows, navigation, and guided processes that prevented roadblocks and confusion in the user journeys.
  • Reorganized content to help the user build a cognitive site map mode as well as meet their expectations.

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