Conn. College: Admission

Designer Photo Editor

Designed admission marketing collateral, art directed photoshoots, shot photography, and coordinated print production/direct-mail. Developed admission sub-brand.

Connecticut College sits atop a 100-year-old arboretum campus that houses 1,900 undergraduate students. To maintain a competitive applicant pool, the college actively markets to prospective students, who today receive materials from 15 colleges or more.


  • Admission marketing devoid of a consistent look and feel.
  • Publications were text heavy, failing to show the college experience.
  • Print marketing was expensive to produce and not environmentally responsible.

Creative Strategy

  • Create a sub-identity based on the "viewbox" and designate an institutional look and feel for publications more serious in tone.
  • Standardize printed intake forms for easier comprehension and completion.
  • Hire a lifestyle photographer to capture a holistic and vibrant campus-life experience.
  • Align print marketing to the college’s environmental values.


  • $8,000 saved in print expenses in one year.
  • The first inhouse iteration of the "viewbox" received a 2011 American Package Design Award.
  • Standardized publication formats to minimize expenses and waste. Established print production policies for environmentally responsible paper and press inks.
  • Admission applications broke records.

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