Conn. College: Institutional

Designer, Photo Editor

Worked on visual identity refresh and wrote new brand guidelines. Designed print marketing and sub-brands for larger events. Designed and coded landing pages using HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript.

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Connecticut College sits atop a 100-year-old arboretum campus and is the alma mater to 25,000 alumni who live around the world. The college also markets to internal audiences to maintain its standing and reputation.


  • Outdated brand guidelines led to inconsistent identity and confusion with UCONN.
  • Overuse of the college seal caused it to lose its ceremonial importance.
  • Poor distinction between fundraising and alumni communications.

Creative Strategy

  • Refresh visual identity based on the college seal and determine visual differentiation from UCONN.
  • Create informal sub-identities for alumni events under the parent identity. Designate a more conservative look and feel for college business.
  • Standardize publication formats and ink application to reduce expenses, waste and turnaround.


  • The new identity helped increase brand recognition, which contributed to record breaking alumni donations and social media profile.
  • The new usage guidelines for the college seal played a role in building a brand of tradition and respect as it was only used for ceremonial purposes.
  • Sales at the on-campus print shop increased because brand control returned to campus.

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