Conn. College

Designer, Photo Editor

Designed digital and print marketing, art directed photoshoots, shot photography, coordinated print production and direct-mail. Developed admission and institutional sub-brands. Worked on identity refresh and authored new brand guidelines. Designed and coded landing pages.

VIEWBrand Guidelines

Atop a 100-year-old arboretum campus, Connecticut College houses 1,900 undergrads and is alma mater to 25,000 alumni around the world. The college markets to internal and external audiences to maintain its standing and reputation.


  • Outdated brand guidelines led to inconsistent identity and confusion with UCONN. Overuse of the college seal muddied its ceremonial importance.
  • Admission marketing lacked a consistent look and feel, was text heavy, expensive to produce, and not environmentally responsible.
  • Poor distinction between fundraising and alumni communications.

Creative Strategy

  • Refresh institutional visual identity and create informal sub-identities for alumni events. Designate a conservative look and feel for official college business.
  • Standardize publication formats to reduce expenses, waste, and turnaround time. Align print marketing with the college’s environmental values.
  • Direct a lifestyle photographer to capture a holistic and vibrant campus-life experience.


  • The refreshed identity improved brand recognition, contributing to record-breaking numbers in alumni donations, admission applications, and social media profile.
  • $8,000 saved in print expenses in one year after standardizing publication formats. Established environmentally responsible policies for print production.
  • The in-house Admissions "viewbox" received a 2011 American Package Design Award.

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