Fine Food Panetrie

Art Director

Designed yesteryear brand identity based on packaging tins, beginning with sketches. Applied new identity to packaging and marketing materials, including stationery.

Martha established a line of gourmet salts, spices and herbs, inspired by her late European mother who loved to cook. Most of the ingredients are sourced from within the U.S., some of which are certified kosher and organic.


  • Product line expanded from salts and spices to batters and breads.
  • Visual look and feel must speak to home cooking, small business and high quality.
  • Product line was inspired by the client’s childhood memories.

Creative Strategy

  • Research similar brands and product lines to kick-off a differentiation strategy.
  • Use the shape of the product’s container to inform the design.
  • Inspire design of the product labels as seen in "grandma’s kitchen."
  • Develop a color system for an expanding product line with a variety of ingredients.

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