Art Director, Designer (UI/UX), Photographer, Front-End

Designed and coded responsive website with Bootstrap, PHP, CSS animations, and an XML-based CMS. Designed album packaging, print marketing and merchandise; created illustrations and photographed packaging images. Also designed visual identity.


Seven talented instrumentalists adept at multi-part vocal harmonies formed the progressive rock band IZZ during the 1990s.


  • No visual identity that unified music catalog.
  • Print marketing and merchandise devoid of a consistent look and feel.
  • Album trilogy required different packaging, but maintain common threads of visuals.

Creative Strategy

  • Build a library of images to use across the entire album trilogy: headstones, textures and statues were photographed in historical cemetery.
  • Design a logo to build establish recognition — the negative space forms the band name.
  • Research typefaces that speak to classic tombstones.
  • Provide a desktop-to-mobile experience for smartphone users.


  • Identity added value and improved packaging design.
  • Record sales increased by 57%.
  • IZZ garnered stronger recognition among other bands within progressive rock.
The Manhattan Skyline showing the Empire State Building with the Manji Designs logo in the center.

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