Manhattanville College

Designer, Photo Editor, Photographer, Project Manager

Designed print marketing and sub-brands for larger events. Art directed the My Soldier program. Designed and coded the My Soldier website. Coordinated print production and mail fulfillment.

Manhattanville College is a small liberal arts college founded in 1841, with marketing initiatives focused on fundraising, alumni, grad and undergrad admissions. A student turned war veteran and the college president formed the My Soldier program.


  • Low alumni participation and donations to the annual fund.
  • Little distinction between alumni events and fundraising materials.
  • My Soldier program is a sub-brand of the Manhattanville identity.

Creative Strategy

  • Design informal sub-brands for alumni events that are more visual in nature.
  • Retain a formal look and feel for college business and fundraising asks.
  • Standardize publication formats to reduce printing expenses and turnaround.
  • Designed My Soldier sub-brand using a patriotic image that is military in tone but approachable and politically-neutral.


  • Event attendance and fundraising donations among alumni constituents increased.
  • Reduced printing expenses by establishing production schedules and standardized publication formats.
  • My Soldier received international media recognition with 400,000 registrants emerging from 43 states and around the world, reaching over 175,000 military personnel.

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