Purchase Environmental Protective Association (PEPA)

Art Director, UX Designer, Front-End, Copy Writer

Designed brand identity, stationery and other print marketing. Created hi-fidelity UX wireframes that outlined the website’s page content and flow. Designed responsive website using Bootstrap and PHP, and implemented an XML-based CMS.

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PEPA is a non-profit organization committed to protecting the environment of Purchase, New York through preservation, sustainable development and reservation initiatives.


  • Antiquated visual identity not ideal for digital marketing.
  • Outdated and static website created a poor user experience.
  • Print marketing was not environmentally responsible.
  • Declining membership and financial donations.

Creative Strategy

  • Leverage brand recognition: pair the PEPA acronym with the full company name in the identity.
  • Attract mobile traffic with a desktop-to-mobile experience.
  • Establish credibility with a color palette and imagery relevant to the local area.
  • Improve the experience for older users: enlarge the font, consolidate pages and reduce clicks.
  • Reinforce environmental values: run print marketing environmentally responsible paper.


  • Improved online user experience: Restructured the site’s content (combining similar pages, reducing clicks); incorporating article tagging and site-wide search.
  • Reduced environmental footprint and aligned print marketing with company values.
  • Boosted community interest reflected in an increase of annual donations.
  • Select materials won gold in the 2009 Advertising Club of Westchester's Annual Big W Awards.

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