UI/UX Designer

Designed B2B inventory (200+ screens) and B2C booking (100+ screens) web applications from scratch, based on Bootstrap, Angular and FuelUX libraries. Developed hi-fi wireframes, IA and user flows. Managed UX/Dev review process. Proposed concepts for functionality and user interaction.

VIEWEcommerce Site | UX Docs (Supplier) (PDF) | UI Guidelines (PDF) is travel/tech startup with two web applications: online marketplace for bookable travel experiences (tours, nightlife activities, etc.) and an inventory management application on the supplier side.

Team: CD, Dev


  • Develop client- and consumer-facing web apps based on a dev-first operation.
  • Design responsive, intuitive, and modern UIs with an evolving brand identity.
  • Consumer-facing platform must appeal to travel agents, consumers, and airlines.
  • Supplier platform must appeal to a variety of suppliers in the travel industry.

Digital Strategy

  • Organize the flow of inventory management in a logical fashion.
  • Research UI components/interaction behaviors to make travel booking and inventory management quick, intuitive, and easy.
  • Research scripts to extend Bootstrap with new forms of interaction and user feedback styles while adhering to internet browser limitations.
  • Establish visual hierarchy to make an otherwise complicated process digestible.
  • Adopt a mobile-first philosophy for an optimum handheld experience.


  • Ideated forms of user feedback through modal and toast notifications.
  • Partnered with Dev team to create UI patterns used throughout both platforms.
  • Output 300+ screens between both platforms for a seamless experience.

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