UI Designer, Graphic Designer, Illustrator

Designed new screens for web applications, responsive drug activation website, digital advertising, print collateral, infographics, and tradeshow display. Designed and coded HTML email templates.

Truveris is a pharma-tech startup that builds B2B platforms to help large employers secure the best pharmacy benefits managers. Truveris also provides services to help drug companies improve patient engagement, build patient CRM programs, and promote transparency for patients and physicians.

Team: Front End, Product Managers


  • Adapt a refreshed and evolving brand identity to print and digital marketing as well as growing web applications.
  • Develop new print collateral under new marketing leadership.
  • Create infographics that visually tell the story of the company's goals.
  • Outdated marketing materials.

Creative Strategy

  • UI: Design error screens and data status visual to promote user understanding.
  • UI: Design drug activation sites on a grid to accommodate responsive front-end coding.
  • Marketing: Standardize product marketing and case studies with consistent design treatments to form a suite of publications.
  • Marketing: Source stock images that are candid to support authentic messaging.
  • Marketing: Apply the new color system to unify the look and feel of print marketing.
  • Patient Access: Design infographics with consistent colors and visual treatments.

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