Fine Food Panetrie

Martha started a line of gourmet salts, spices, and herbs, inspired by her late European mother, who loved to cook. Most of Fine Food Panetrie’s ingredients are certified kosher and organic from within the United States.

Role Creative Director

Deliverables Brand Identity · Packaging Design · Print

Tools Pen & Paper · InDesign · Illustrator

Agency Manji Designs LLC

The Problem

Starting a line of salts and spices from scratch required a visual identity that was flexible enough for application across several SKUs containing a variety of ingredients.

"How do I launch a product line in a competitive retail market?"


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My process began with researching similar brands, which lead to a differentiation strategy. Taking more of a vintage, yesteryear approach, I sketched a variety of logo concepts to convey old-timey family tradition.


The design for FFP’s print marketing and product packaging took on a look and feel that conveys home cooking, small business, and high-quality ingredients. The product containers informed the shape of the labels, and a strategic color system reflected each product’s main ingredient.

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UX Design

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A flexible identity applied to various products in tin cans, muslin bags, and glass jars made it toa few boutique store shelves in Greenwich, CT.