Seven talented instrumentalists adept at multi-part vocal harmonies formed the progressive rock band IZZ during the 1990s. Today, IZZ has over seven records in its catalog, not including DVDs of live performances, a line of merch, and a loyal following of prog rock fans worldwide.

Role Creative Director · Photographer · Coder

Deliverables Brand Identity · Packaging · Design System · Hi-fidelity Prototype

Tools Illustrator · Photoshop · Bootstrap · Dreamweaver

Agency Manji Designs LLC

The Problem

Out of so many other rock bands, IZZ had a relatively low public profile. The band's print marketing, merch, and product packaging lacked a strong identity compared to other bands in the genre. IZZ also did not have an online presence.

"How can we elevate our profile amongst our fans and the music industry?"


  • Attract new fans and keep familiar ones engaged through online engagement and touchpoints.
  • Established a recognizable look and feel to increase IZZ’s perception of value and enable it to stand above similar prog rock bands.
  • Bring fans close to the band by showcasing band members and telling the band’s longstanding history.
Key Performance Indicators
  • Increase digital downloads.
  • Increase overall record sales.
  • Increase website traffic.


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Elevating the band's profile began with refreshing the brand identity. The new logo's negative and positive space form the letters IZZ. Themes from the band's musical evolution included death, afterlife, and rebirth, which I brought to life with images of headstones, textures, and statues from historic cemeteries.


As part of the visual storytelling, I selected an old-timey Spanish typeface similar to the 18th-century tombstones engraving. I designed and developed a new responsive website and social media graphics with colors, shapes, and images much different from the expected prog rock aesthetic.

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UX Design

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  • Record sales increased by 57%, and the new identity stood up against other progressive rock bands.
  • The new visual identity and packaging design added value and recognition among IZZ fans and music critics.
In Hindsight…
  • I would have partnered with a developer to erect a long-term content management system so I could step out of the webmaster role and design without the limitations of my coding skills.
  • I’d make the covers of the three-part album series more consistent.