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The Guide's rainbow pattern comes together like slices of a pie with hints of men's bodies between the shapes.
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Gaymers, Pups, and Bears — oh my! Order The Guide to learn about how GBTQ+ men classify their body types and self-expression. Follow @thegaybodyguide on social media for special offers.

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A framed photograph of Roman emperor, Caracalla, formally known as Marcus Aurelius Antoninus on a staged desk.
The Manji Shop

Find ready-to-frame photography, sewing projects, and other unique art pieces shipped right to your door. Follow @manjidesigns on social media.

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The book's cover featuring a gold pocket watch, an owl-shaped tie tack, and a sewing thimble.
The Tree That Shades Me

Learn about how my maternal ancestors came out of slavery and Jim Crow to become successful business entrepreneurs in The Tree That Shades Me or order other short publishings.

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