JPMorgan Chase & Co. is an American multinational investment bank and financial services holding company headquartered in New York City. As the largest bank in the United States and the sixth-largest bank globally, it has assets worth $2.73 trillion.

Role UI Designer · UX Writer

Deliverables High-fidelity Prototypes

Tools Illustrator

Timeframe 2 months

Agency Fusebox

The Problem

Liquidity sales teams had no digital solution to automate the presentation of liquid asset holdings and streamline customer engagements. Frustrated sales representatives bogged down by manual processes used individual workarounds to communicate affected customers who experienced slow turnaround times and inconsistent communication styles.

“How do we enable our sales representatives build stronger customer relationships and work more efficiently?”


  • Establish a desktop application that will enable sales representatives to communicate with customers consistently without paper and email.
  • Leverage user research to inform design decisions.
  • Apply the new digital identity to an expanding suite of digital communications.
  • Utilize responsive design methods to ensure a desktop-to-mobile experience.
Success Measurements
  • Decrease turnaround time it takes for sales associates to build liquidity presentations.
  • Increase customer satisfaction score regarding their experience with the liquidity sales team.



Interviews with stakeholders and liquidity sales representatives surfaced user pain points, goals, and motivations. From these insights, users cited Microsoft Office as a popular tool, which became the basis of the platform.

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UX Design

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Visual Design

Liquid Asset Software

I based the platform’s taxonomy and interactions on standard Windows conventions to reduce the learning curve. I grouped similar functions in the software's toolbar and integrated visual feedback to inform users of what is happening as they complete tasks.

JPMorgan SmartRetirement

The JPMorgan SmartRetirement series of target-date funds provide access to a time-tested process in an all-in-one diversified investment designed to meet your retirement goals. The program was newly launched and required a desktop-to-mobile experience while JPMorgan underwent a digital identity redesign.

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We tested the Liquid Asset platform with liquidity sales associates to ensure usability and intuitiveness. Though this effort primarily focused on UAT, we learned about a few usability issues that we fixed:

  • Users mostly found the application intuitive due to its functionality, concepts, and keyboard shortcuts based on Microsoft Windows.
  • We changed a few icons and button labels that users said weren’t intuitive. 
  • We introduced button states to help users understand or remember what changes they’ve made to the screen. For example, the buttons have active states, and “Show Grid” turns to “Hide Grid” when activated.
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The software tested positively among user testers, who reported a clean, easy, and intuitive interface that improved turnaround time, streamlined customer engagements, and automated an otherwise manual process.