World Courier

This trusted supply chain company designs and executes medical logistics processes for the worldwide biopharmaceutical industry.

Role UI/UX Designer

Deliverables User Stories · Sitemap · Wireframes · Design System · Hi-fidelity Prototype

Tools Axure · Sketch

Timeframe 3 months

Agency GeekHive

The Problem

Researchers and manufacturers needed a better way to ship various critical biopharmaceutical products so they can recruit and retain qualified patients for their studies and innovations. However, busy operations managers don’t have time to navigate complex shipping logistics regulations and restrictions.

"How do we digitally transform our shipping logistics and ordering process to meet customer demand?"


  • Build a customer service platform that automates the shipping ordering process and reduces orders made by phone and email.
  • Enable users to access and report on their ordering history data.
  • Reduce the number of friction points and time spent on the shipping ordering process.
Key Performance Indicators
  • Decrease the time it takes for customers to order shipping labels.
  • Increase the number of active online users.
  • Decrease the number of abandoned or canceled orders.


Our team held work sessions with stakeholders to understand World Courier’s business goals and discover user objectives and pain points.

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We collaborated with stakeholders to capture user pain points and motivators in user stories which helped us determine the project scope. User’s primary goal was to quickly and efficiently place orders for shipping with a brand they know and trust.

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UX Design

Wireframes helped illustrate navigation, information architecture, key user interactions, and other features that empowered users to search, filter, and manage data reports.

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An expanded design system enabled advanced user interactions and functionality. A responsive grid and other new components, such as the progress meter, system feedback, and tooltips helped guide users through task completion.

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  • The new design untangled and shortened the online ordering process, which increased the number of active users.
  • The responsive interface supported mobile breakpoints, which increased the number of mobile users.
  • The improved component library gave users control to complete tasks efficiently and manage data reporting, which could not be done previously.
Lessons Learned
  • User stories are incredibly helpful to empathize with users and understand the nuances of a task flow.
  • World Courier would have benefited greatly from an end-to-end design thinking process that included user testing to ensure the output was usable and intuitive.
  • Projects will quickly run over budget when designers are excluded from project estimation.